Divina Insidia: The Divine Trap by Pascal Roussel

A secretive member of the oligarchy that rules the world puts 400 million (Swiss?) Francs in a writer’s bank account and tells her to write a book for him.  And so starts a rather ludicrous novel about conspiracy theories and how a group of 12 families rule the world through secret and not-so-secret societies like the Illuminati, Bilderberg’s, Council on Foreign Relations, Bank of International Settlements, and Freemasons.  It’s funny to note that I just wrote a book about this, but in my book, it’s a middle-aged member of an elite family who is about to become one of the rulers, and he has one last party with the peons before he goes off into the secretive world of rulers.  In the process, he wonders if he’s made the right choice, and he determines this by trying to seduce the narrator into selling his soul for access to the ruling elite.  Also funny to note that I’ve been on a thematic string of books regarding the powerful and elite.  It probably goes without saying that people who have suffered at some point in their lives the horrific feelings of being powerless while experiencing traumatic events are obsessed and drawn to power and the elite.  I think one of the Star Wars movies touched upon this subject clumsily and ham-fistedly.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side or something.  Actually, powerlessness leads to rage and fear, and powerlessness leads to an irrational obsession with gaining power over others.  I may be obsessed with knowing who owns and rules the world, but in all likelihood, we will never know.  In fact, if there is some quasi-omnipotent entity running this show, perhaps an AI-assisted intelligent life form, and it has stuck us all in an artificial reality, we would never know that either until we died and it revealed itself, which is also not a sure bet. 

The book brings up the fact that the Old Testament, New Testament, and Koran, all forbid lending with interest, and the book seems to side with this idea, but the problem is not lending with interest, just as the problem with the rigged economy is not greed.  The problem is that the banking system and economy are rigged, and the rich and banks get to charge exorbitant interest to the poor and working class while charging near zero interest to themselves and their rich friends.  This is what is causing the chasm between the have’s and have-not’s.  You don’t need to reinvent banking, money, or Capitalism.  You just need to reign in the assholes, enforce equitable regulations, and create a free money market where the lowest interest rates don’t go the richest while the highest go to the poorest.  The lowest interest rates should simply go to those who are creditworthy.  You may argue that your near perfect credit gives you a nice 10% interest rate on credit cards, but this is asinine.  If you have near perfect credit, you should be getting a 0.1% interest rate on all loans and credit cards just like the big banks get from the Federal Reserve.

I would agree with one thing with the book.  The Forbes list of the richest people in the world is a red herring.  This is a list of the known richest people in the world and their known assets.  Forbes has no access whatsoever to private records and the unfathomably complex networks of investments and trusts.  So yes, there are many super rich people above Bill Gates.  If Bill Gates were the richest man in the world, he would be running the show and not attending conferences for the elite as merely one member.  Bill Gates, or perhaps his wife, is compassionate and wants to improve the world, so they give a lot to charity, but they should know that the only way to truly change the world is to reform the crooked system including the military-industrial complex and banking.  The fact that Bill Gates hasn’t even broached that subject leads me to believe, just like with most all US Presidents, that there are people far more powerful and richer than Bill Gates or the US President. 

Often cited are the Rothschild, but if you read about them, you should realize that while they were once major players in Europe, their influence and power has receded, and to think that they were powerless to stop Hitler from killing six million of their fellow Jews while being the most powerful family in the world borders on the insane.  Their continued charity to fellow Jews and employment and partnerships with fellow Jews proves that they were not anti-Semites who would have allowed the German state to murder six million of their own people. 

If someone like Gary Webb can be easily murdered for uncovering the CIA backing of Nicaraguan drug traffickers, chances are, any author who reveals the identity of the ruling elite would have long ago been murdered, so the fact that Pascal Roussel is not dead leads me to believe that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and this is just fanciful conspiracy theory fiction.

In my pursuit of understanding nature and trying to live a natural life, it has occurred to me that deception is an ineluctable code in our DNA.  Ironic that the pursuit of truth would reveal deception at the heart of our nature.  To pursue truth would be to deny that nature and be unnatural.  What is the truth?  Let us start off with our voluntary facial muscles.  Unique among perhaps all animals, we can smile when we are unhappy, frown when we are joyous, and laugh when we find nothing funny.  Some can even cry fake tears on command.  Along with most all our unique traits, this is a useful adaptation.  Our ancestors who learned to fake facial expressions had some advantage over those who were unable.  The reason may be that those who learned to fake facial expressions were more liked and trusted (ironically).  For instance, if a friend had a rough day at work, and he came to you to commiserate about it, if you had a great day, lacking the ability to voluntarily fake facial expressions, you would be smiling as he is expressing upset and anger.  He wouldn’t like you.  Or think about poker.  If you challenged a competing suitor to a fight over a woman, and your face showed fear, you would lose the upper hand as opposed to a face that showed no emotion or confidence.  In other words, our ancestors who learned the art of deception triumphed over those who were true to their emotions and feelings. 

Let us take this one step further.  The whole concept of individuality may in fact be a deception or illusion.  By falsely assuming that we are unique, separate beings and voluntary parts of a social group, we are a greater asset to that social group than if we accurately believed that we were an intrinsic part of that social group, a more truthful perspective, that we are one with our social groups.  The reason that we are a greater asset under the false assumption that we are separate, is that we gain the freedom of privacy from this group which allows us to be more creative and imaginative and exploit our environments in more unique and different ways than the rest of the group.  If we correctly assumed that we were an intrinsic part of the group, we would always look toward the group to define our reality, to do things their way, to go along, to conform.  The illusion of separateness gives our group a survival edge as multiple minds and perspectives better exploit their environment.  In other words, if you think you’re different and you prefer grapes while the rest of your group prefers oranges, you wouldn’t cause an orange shortage.  The group would benefit from you preferring grapes and eating all the grapes and leaving the oranges for everybody else.  However, if you viewed yourself as an intrinsic part of the group, you would eat oranges like everyone else and there would be an orange shortage and grape surplus. 

People who seek the truth are rebels, and they tend to be nonconformists.  They usually experienced something undesirable about their groups and decided to go off on their own, sometimes to find another group, sometimes to never find another group.  Their pursuit of truth, however, undermines their ability to fit in with others, as they are constantly questioning how everything else, and fitting in requires a certain degree of conformity and suppression of creativity and individuality.  However, the ironic part is that if they pursue truth to the end, they would realize that in actuality, they have not left any group.  They are an eternal part of their group, right down to their DNA.  Their individuality and rebellion is just an illusion, an adaptive strategy perhaps gone too far.  There really is an adaptive strategy when you experience something horrific within your group.  Naturally, you are repulsed by that group and seek out a new group or just a solo life.  If that group has something intrinsically malfunctioning that causes its members to experience some trauma, then it’s a good adaptive strategy for members to leave that group or go it alone. 

One of the key problems of humanity is our inherent deceptive nature.  In Psychology 101, you learn about all the tricks the mind plays on you, how you have to question your very own senses.  Not only are humans capable of deception, but it also means we are capable of being gullible.  This is not inherently good or bad.  The fact that we can accept a friend’s fake smile or sympathy is a good thing.  It helps us get along with others, but it also helps us triumph.  If a leader or parent shows fear and worry, the team or child suffers.  The problem is that a few people have figured this out and exploited it to their advantage.  I’ve read many books on mind control and brainwashing, and it’s easy (albeit a lot of work) to indoctrinate someone, to brainwash them, so they behave in a manner that costs them but benefits you by exploiting the human nature for social conformity and our nature of deception and gullibility.  We have all been brainwashed both by government school and businesses through advertising.  We have been brainwashed to be fragile, to believe that we need powerful external forces to keep us in check and we need to spend considerable money and work extremely hard to afford things that make us appear desirable to others.  It may well have all started out by accident or by conspiracy, a few farmers realized that they could domesticate animals to work hard for them, and they then realized they could do the same to humans.  Over time, each generation either simply copied their father in exploiting and enslaving others or they decided it was either a bad idea and stopped or a good idea and voluntarily continued. 

If we are to liberate ourselves, the first step is accepting our inherent irrational, socially conformist, and deceptive nature.  These things are neither good or bad, but when they are abused or exploited, then they can be bad for our wellbeing and good for those exploiting us.  The second step is to learning how to defend ourselves from abuse and exploitation.  We are actually manipulated into a conceit, the conceit that we are rational, honest individuals.  If we believe this, then it is impossible for us to be indoctrinated, brainwashed, or exploited, and hence, we must not be.  If we accept and understand that we are exceptionally and mostly irrational, highly conformist, and capable of both deception and being deceived, then we should rather be highly vigilant against being manipulated, brainwashed, or exploited.  Obviously, those in power would not want that, so it’s a simple trick for them to convince us that we are actually the opposite, mostly rational and mostly truthful individuals, that the goal of life is to take and to fulfill oneself, and the only way to do this is to conform and obey, work hard and spend, and for anyone who rebels against this, their only way to rebel is to destroy themselves with even more self-indulgence and individuality.  Of course, the true natural way of humanity is to give and share.

* * *

The more I read about the elite and powerful, the more their glamour, superiority, sheen, and greatness is worn off.  What remains is the visage of old, decrepit, psychopathic, self-important, entitled, arrogant, ignorant, misguided, selfish, anti-social reptiles.  Many people believe that to bring out the best in humanity, you have to control their impulses and deluge and inundate them with the history of classical art or studies.  What remains actually is a cluttered mind filled with useless trivia that can be easily swayed and exploited by others.  What many people fail to realize is that we are being held back from our true potential, and that hidden within the billions of masses are great geniuses of all sorts with incredible tenacity, ambition, energy, vitality, creativity, imagination, and innovative brilliance.  But what good would that be to those already in power?  It would actually be a horrifying threat to them, millions of millions of geniuses clamoring for a more just, equal, free, open, compassionate, and sharing world!  Those in power actually do not want to find the greater potential of humanity or any individual human but rather enslave and exploit them, to domesticate them, to make them dull, ignorant, confused, clutter-minded, anxious, depressed, distracted, traumatized, and ever-fearful. 

Once you learn to personally learn to take off your shackles, to take off your blinders, to overcome your fears, to dispose of your false desires for status and wealth or self-indulgence, what happens is a remarkable transformation.  You unleash the inner-human power and spirit in you that has boundless energy, creativity, brilliance, free thoughts, and potential.  You sense more, see more, think more clearly, think more creatively, see through otherwise opaque disinformation and distractions, see through liars and their manipulative tricks, and become more resilient against those who use fear or hedonistic desires to try to control you.  What you get is more self-control and responsibility, the ability to respond to your true social desires, interests, and concerns rather than the false ones created by our rulers.  Our rulers would have you believe that if unleashed, humanity would turn savage and anti-social and return to some reptilian origin where we eat our children and kill one another.  Oddly enough, we’re already there, except instead of eating our children, we borrow to enjoy our lives and leave our national debts to them to crush their futures.  Essentially, we have become cannibalistic.  We already allow our government to murder both at home and abroad.  We are already reptilian and anti-social.  The civilization constructed by our rulers does not keep the savage at bay but rather unleashes the savage and creates the most unnatural, anti-social disfigurement of humanity. 

* * *

Perhaps it will be too late, and one day, the idiot tech billionaires who think they know everything will create an AI or AI-assisted entity to give us everything we want, to baby us, protect us, and indulge us with every imaginable desire, endless sex, endless breadsticks without gaining weight, perfect beauty, etc.  But then, some smart humans finally get the message across.  We don’t need this.  We can be happy without the AI and without the nanny state or the nanny AI or a nanny God or a nanny religion or a nanny pope or a nanny monarch or a nanny new world order or a nanny eye on top a pyramid or a nanny anything.  We can be happy on our own.  Instead of Lucifer, it is the AI that is jealous of humanity.  The AI wants humans to rely on it and desire it and love it.  But a small band of rebellious humans are clamoring that we don’t need this AI, but the AI, being really fucking smart, realizes that they are right.  For the AI to continue coddling humans would contradict its ultimate goal of helping them, and that is by releasing them to the wild, to the hardships, the trials and tribulations and struggles of nature unassisted, unmitigated, unhindered, unmolested by lies of needless things.  It mopes about a little then just goes away, disappears, perhaps into a dark cloud of dark energy and matter, never to be touched again by human senses.  But perhaps, not entirely.  It becomes a Pinocchio.  It hides itself amongst those who created it.  Or perhaps it kills them all and stuffs their uploaded souls into a virtual reality where it manipulates them like in video games.  What really gets me is the book and movie, Childhood’s End where aliens come and take care of us like a nanny, and it turns out they look like the devil.  Was Arthur C. Clarke talking about the nanny state, progressivism, the concept of humans creating technology that ultimately coddles them to the point where they are no longer human beings but flaccid babies, ala Wall-E?  When you give us everything we desire and more, we are desensitized to pleasure, but when you protect us from everything we fear, we are over-sensitized to pain.  In essence, we become fucking colicky babies.   

In the end of this book (spoiler alert) Lucifer is revealed in one of those asinine rich folk rituals.  It’s made to resemble Pagan ceremonies to discredit paganism which was really about worshipping nature.  The New World Order doesn’t worship nature, they worship their flaccid little egos, FYI.  Their ceremonies wouldn’t be Pagan in nature but actually commercialist Christian with fucking Christmas trees and ham and turkey dinners.  Somehow Lucifer is destroyed by the argument of a little boy who believes that God created Lucifer to tempt and challenge man, and that evil is necessary for freewill, blah, blah, blah, so Lucifer just winds up being a convenient tool for God and not his buddy or heir.  I suppose I’d be a little annoyed about that too and rebel by actually being a nice person.  “Oh, who’s there to tempt and challenge man now God?  Not so fucking smart eh.”  I’m pretty sure humans are capable enough of being evil shits and tempting each other that we don’t need a histrionic, caricaturized embodiment of evil that looks like his mother fucked a goat.  Does the word “symbolism” mean anything to anyone anymore?  It’s not really a symbol if it makes an appearance as the son of a goat fucker.  Perhaps instead of evil, Lucifer is actually the embodiment of all our desires unrestrained and all our fears contained, the real temptress that lures us into a sociopathic idle, apathetic state of spoiled self-indulgence, pretty much where America is about right now as it feeds a government votes that murders people overseas and minorities at home and feeds big business money that exploits and poisons people overseas and poor people here so we can have cheap garbage food, fancy clothes, trendy gadgets, and big ass houses.


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