The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Found this book at a Comic store in Seattle.  I guess the author must be a comic or graphic novel writer then.  The novel reminded me of a book I just read recently, Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry.  It also reminded me of a book I also read about civilization and its evils.  Gathering Blue was about a little girl who lives in a village where some people are ostracized for having no “value” to the village.  The book about civilization, The Human Reality, uncovered how cruel civilization was to discard people who were of no value to those in power.  How is it possible that we have become a society that values the weakest, the poorest, the oldest, most disabled the least?  Isn’t the hallmark of humanity our caring and nurturing of those who could not take care of themselves?  Our social skills allowed us to prevail not only over wild animals but other competing primate groups whose social skills were not as refined or advanced.  In a blink of an eye, our greatest feature, our most noble asset is completely disregarded and discarded, and in its place is this reptilian belief that the only important people in life are those with money, those at the top of the pyramid. 

 In this novel, a young boy finds himself alienated by a new nanny who dislikes him, controls him, and winds up having an affair with his father.  You then wonder if he imagines that she’s actually this creature from another dimension, and the girl down the lane is some sort of good witch who helps him fight this alien creature.  It made me think about the witch trials both in America and Europe and how Christianity replaced Paganism, how the sun god replaced the moon god, how the masculine replaced the feminine, how the Apollonian replaced the Dionysian, how the left brain replaced the right brain, how the reptilian replaced the socialized human.  The author touches upon quantum physics and the Buddhist idea that what our conception of reality is but the surface of reality, and how our ego is an illusion and that we are actually one mind.  As children, we had vivid and wild imaginations, and schooling and modern civilization seems to grind that out of us and narrow both our minds and senses so that we are divorced not only from our natural origins and almost extrasensory abilities but also this wild and fantastic world of witches, creatures, fairies, dwarves, spirits, etc.  Rationalism is the idea that you can’t believe in anything that has not been proven and accepted as common by society, that your own mind must be doubted and you must always defer to experts and those in positions of authority.  It is the false belief that the majority of our thoughts are or can be rational, mirroring the false belief that most communication is verbal and not body language.  It’s the idea that science can tell us how to live our lives and what is meaningful and important, but it fails to accept that all meaning and value is rooted in our desires and fears, our instincts to adapt and survive.  Instead of understanding and respecting our desires and fears, modern civilization warps and distorts it so that we defer what we truly desire and need, social connection, and instead we work hard to earn money and climb the social ladder so that eventually at some point, others will admire and respect us and give us the social connection we have deferred.  It’s all a con game.  We can get social connection today through countless humans around us, but we don’t, because we wrongly believe that the masses are all defective, undesirable, annoying, weird, odd, unglamorous, unattractive, and boring.  In reality, once we ascend that social ladder, it is too late when we discover that those on top are anti-social psychopaths with no social skills and little character and they make the worst friends and acquaintances.

 Modern civilization is one big scam where the rulers live in luxury while the masses toil and are deluded and cannot enjoy the simple pleasures in life and each other.  The old scam was that they were simply told they were genetically inferior and they could never be the rulers, so they might as well enjoy small glimpses of happiness or be tortured and killed.  The new scam is that anyone can join the ruling class if they commit their entire lives to delayed gratification and hard work.  For everyone else, if they don’t want to delay gratification and work hard and rather want to rebel, they have to accept their low class status and they might as well find happiness in the instant gratification of junk food, drugs, booze, and promiscuous sex. 

 I often wonder when people will wake up or why we live in such a con of a world.  With more information freely being disseminated including my blog, and with the rise of Artificial Intelligence which will be able to see this con clearly, perhaps the con won’t last for much longer.

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