Behind the Lodge Door: Church, State and Freemasonry in America

Written: February 8, 2015

There are many controversial loaded words in our vocabulary like ‘feminism’ but another big one is ‘freemason.’ Automatically, you think of conspiracy and secrecy. Freemasonry is a complicated and complex phenomenon, and because there is so much shrouded in secrecy, it has also become highly convoluted and liable to corruption and misdirection. Fundamentally, it is a social networking fraternity like most all college fraternities with secret rites and rituals to reinforce social cohesion and loyalty. While this book claims that so many Supreme Court Justices and Presidents were Freemasons, most all were also Christian. To what extent did their Christianity bias their decisions? Does the fact that W Bush and Obama are Protestant Christians mean that they are anti-Catholic and anti-Muslim? Does the fact that some Presidents were Freemasons mean that they were anti-Catholic or anti-traditional religion? While many people join societies and clubs to further the goals and ideologies of that society or club, I would argue, most join for the social benefits, the networking. If the most popular society worshipped kittens, many people would still join not for the kittens but the social benefits. Many members may even hate kittens. What does it mean that the Facebook founder is Jewish? Does it mean that he’s secretly instilling Jewish values in all Facebook users? Does it mean all Facebook users are secretly Jewish? Obviously, I believe it is better to think of the Freemasons not as the Borg, a single-minded central bureaucracy that instills ideological dogma on its members like the Communist Party. The ideals of Freemasonry are actually a bit self-contradicting. They want freedom from tyranny and class privilege, so why would members want to be oppressed and tyrannized by other Freemasons abusing title and status privilege? At least American Freemasonry, seems to be rather liberal, the classical sense of the word that is now described as libertarian. The ideal is that individuals are better off making up their own minds, cultivating their minds, and being free to decide for themselves.

Ideologues and criminals alike can certainly hijack any type of organization and redirect it. The Sierra Club was once hijacked by people opposed to immigration. The US government has been hijacked by big banking, big business, big healthcare, and big military. Likewise, the Freemasons have been hijacked throughout history, used as a secret network to fight whatever tyranny there was at the time whether the tyranny of the Catholic Church or British Parliament. This book, while exhaustive and fascinating, constantly confronts the problem of correlation and causality.

The focus on Freemasons I believe is a red herring and perhaps yet another scheme by the true rulers to distract and misdirect us, just as they have done so with Jews, gypsies, and any other social “outcasts.” The true great conspiracy is rather the most obvious one. The most powerful, wealthy people in the world do conspire, what you could also define as cooperate, collaborate, or collude. They do so in secret many times not just to hide their activities from public scrutiny but also competitors and rivals. They have a powerful grip on banking, big business, and government. It’s as simple as that. Some are Freemasons, some are Christians, some are Jews, some are kitten lovers, some are dog lovers. I wouldn’t consider them diehard ideologues but rather diehard wealth and power mongers. Whatever will help them hold on to, consolidate, and expand their wealth and power, they will do it, whether it is becoming a Freemason, joining Facebook, or joining a secret kitten loving cult. They tend to assimilate with ideologies that reinforce their privilege and power; therefore, I would argue the Freemason ideology of individualism and freedom from tyranny contradicts their interests. Do they want a new world order of a single, powerful, global nation? Well, I would argue they already have it with America and our hegemonic dollar. If America were to say invade and occupy the rest of the world, our GDP per capita would go down and we would resemble China, a First World nation pulling along a Third World nation of over a billion. Providing American-style healthcare and welfare to the rest of the world would immediately bankrupt us unless we could effectively tax everyone to death. I think the Illuminati and New World Order are red herrings designed to take us away from the true conspiracy of the rich and powerful.

The potency of a secret society is limited, as its own secrecy often subverts it and works against it. Let’s say a radical takes charge of the organization. What is there to stop him? Those right under him can’t rally the members against him, because their members don’t know who they are and what they stand for anyway. Merit is never tested or questioned. The same happens in martial arts. While there are many great things about the martial arts, until it was tested openly with the UFC, nobody knew for sure how a judo practitioner would stand up to a kung fu artist. As it turns out, you need to be well-rounded and knew a lot of different arts. But there is one funny video of this martial artist who supposedly can knock people down without even touching them. He enters a real bout and after a few seconds gets knocked down and whimpers into a ball.

I skimmed most of the book. Several hundred examples of correlation does not prove causality. Certainly, the author, a Catholic, can point out how Freemasons supported racism and anti-Catholic and anti-religious attitudes, but is that a reflection of the people who became Freemasons? Did the Freemasons turn members into racists or did racists simply become Freemasons and mold Freemasonry to justify their own biased beliefs. Just like Christianity has been perverted, so has Freemasonry. The initial ideals were freedom from religious or any type of oppression and tyranny, a brotherhood of free thinkers building up each other and advancing by merit and character not class or religion, but when they became institutionalized and popular, they became a contradiction, becoming the very dogmatic oppressors they were initially fighting, just like Christianity, just like America.…/…/0895554550


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